Now a days, people need immediate replies and solutions, hence they would like to chat with the executive to get immediate resolution, hence Live Agent provide users the ability to interact with the agents through web chat to get more information about specific product or queries. In this article I will go through how to setup... Continue Reading →

Automation Using Visualflow

Today, I am going to discuss one use case to automate the scenario using Process Builder and Flow. Use Case: Universal Container provide support to their  customer by creating cases in their org. Now As soon as Triage team or customer log the Case/Problem, it must have been assigned to a support agent, so here is... Continue Reading →

How to get started with VISUALFLOW

Here in this blog, I will start giving you some details about VisualFlow Designer (Visual Workflow) I will not go into the details about the difference between Workflow and Visual Workflow? But you can find details here. Visual Workflow lets you automate business processes by building flows and distributing them to the right users or systems. A flow... Continue Reading →

Joined TRAILHEADX Live Streaming

It has been first ever Live Streaming of an salesforce event (Developer Conference), which make me think of how fast Salesforce is growing in India. There was a shout out in India when Marc Benioff was addressing, correspondingly, Parker Harris. Then the Editor-in-Chief (Chris Duarte) and Product Manager (Samantha Ready) was addressing about their love... Continue Reading →

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